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Default depends on the person

I see guys all the time come onto the floor cold and go for it. I never could, it takes me about and hour to get fully ready to crank it up. I can skate fine almost right away but my feet either push too hard one way or another or don't react fast enough. Then the warm up stresses my ankles, trying to get back into it too fast anyway.... Pushing too hard. But a few breaks in the first hour and the fully warmed up. Start making time and carving through the crowd. Usually we have a group that meet and skate on Sunday afternoons. When the crowd dies down, we crank up the speed. All my buds that cruise the rink at speed are on inlines. The quad guys are way slower. Usually most of the group skates about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I usually skate 3-4 hour sessions.
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