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Originally Posted by Kalyori View Post
Hi all,

I'm new here. I used to inline skate when I was younger and I'm in my mid 20's now looking to get back into it. I'm located in Australia and unfortunately most if not all of the skate shops near me don't stock much at all.

I've been doing some research and I'm interested in the Seba / Powerslide brands thus far. Looking at 3-wheel skates such as the Seba FR1/Trix 2/High Point 125mm, or the Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125mm.

I'd be skating primarily on a bike track and along pavement. And I want to go be able to go fast as well.

I was considering the Seba FR Deluxe 90mm (4-wheel) skate but after watching a few videos of the 3-wheel skates I think they look great.

I'm thinking I'll need to order online, and I'm somewhat worried about getting the sizing right as no one has these in-stock.

Would appreciate any input, suggestions, advice or recommendations for other brands, etc.

I wouldn't go right for big wheels, but if you do, dont go above 110. My 110's carry alot of speed, 125's would just be very hard for you.
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