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Hey all. I have a few different skates I am looking at purchasing. My budget is under $80 - and luckily all of the ones I'm looking at are on sale! I can wear between a 3 and a 6.5 in shoes (women, normally wear 6.5, as I like a bit extra room). People have told me to get adjustable ones and aluminum frames. CM is 22-22.5

I'd be fine with that, but I don't really like the designs and such on the adjustable ones as they are made for children (so I've heard). I'd like to keep the wheel size 84 and below (at the moment, then if I upgrade/once I'm used to (in about 1-2 years probably) find ones that can accommodate larger wheels. I will only be using in my neighbourhood and around my block. On my street/block half the actual street is fresh pavement and half of it is all broken/torn up (same with the sidewalks) because my street is in two different towns/areas - one is part of Cincinnati, who take care of it and the other is part of a township that takes care of theirs alone.

The pairs I am looking/considering are (all links lead to, but thought this would be the best way to say/tell which ones. lol.

K2 Alexis X Pro Womens - Size 4
K2 Kinetic 80 Women - Size 6
Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women Size 6
5th Element Lynx LX Womens Size 6
Roces Dodge (Men) - Size 5

I'd like to be able to remove the break, once I'm used to skating again and change the wheel size on them if needed/wanted. I chose the smallest size for each pair (the men, 5 because it said a 6 women is a 5 male?)

Sorry there are a few more that I was considering so figured I'd throw them on here as well. So, I apologize for so many pairs.
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