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Best in that list, is the last one, the Roces Dodge.

The retail price is the 2nd highest. So it probably is the best of the lot.

I don't like the lace style for the boots personally, but it shouldn't be bad unless you have a super skinny foot. Sometimes those types of lace loops are not able to tighten as much as standard eyelets.

The Alexis is a "Hi-lo" setup, and requires different sized wheels to function correctly. I would stay away from them. It makes wheel rotations somewhat of an issue.

Rollerblade twister 243/twister 80 is a higher priced urban skate, but is often on sale, fitment is very good and comfortable. Look for them too, but they may run you a bit more. IMO probably worth it, as they boast the best comfort. I have had rollerblade brand skates all my life and never had issues with comfort.
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