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Thank you, Mort. I went ahead and purchased the Bladerunner pair. I decided to get them on Amazon instead (as they were 65$, through the Warehouse and in New condition at the time). Just put the order through. If I don't like them, I have 30 days to return (according to Amazon) and will probably get the Roces ones, as they were the ones I kept going back to but I've tried to stay away because they are men sizes, so decided to try the women size first. (My first "run" will just be trying them on and in my room/on the carpet, not out in the wild or anything lol).

Here's hoping I like the ones I will be receiving. If not (and they are still on sale, the person at InlineSkates I chatted with said he believes the sale is for the full month), I'll probably get the 2 return 1 option (for $15) and get two pairs (the Roces being one of them).

Sadly, I didn't see this before hand, as it would've made the decision much easier for me.

I also kind of like the V500 ones, but they look too plasticy to me and the colors are too vibrant (the ones I've seen), but I may grab a pair if I can find a really good deal on them, as well, just to see if I prefer the 3 strap/buckle system like on them or the buckle/strap and laces).

I can't remember if my original Scwhinn (from the 90s) were all strap/buckles or had laces, but thought I'd try out laces first.
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