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Again, thanks, Mort. My feet measure 22-23.5cm (so 220-235mm). One of the reasons I went for the 6 is because I think it's the size I had when I last skated (as they were my momma's and she gave them to me when she decided to not skate any longer), and they were a bit loose on me (the toe-box) which I heard is a good thing, was a snug fit elsewhere.

I normally just throw a pair of socks on/every day socks. Thanks! I'll check for charts for wheels for the skates I purchased. I wasn't sure if changing the wheel size meant changing the baring size, I watched a few videos today, that showed me that they aren't one and the same. I can have the default bearings and different wheels, etc.

According to the sizing chart for Rollerblade, that would be size 5 to size 6.5 - so I think size 6 will do well as it's between those numbers. (Here's hoping anyway LOL). Lately, I've been wearing these Saucony socks for everyday wear or very thin/no show socks (think pantie hose material) if I just want a covering for my feet. Maybe I should invest in just socks that I'd only wear skating though. These socks are much thinner then the ones I used to wear (as I used to only wear the thicker Hanes socks, unless i couldn't because I wasn't able to do so)
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