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Roller Derby Forum Discussions about banked-track and flat-track roller derby events, teams, skaters, and training methods.

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Old December 9th, 2013, 06:05 PM   #1
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Cool Bont Online Size Tool

I forgot that I wanted to start the size tools' own thread. Here it is.

Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Well, I did my foot measurements. The floor in one bathroom has a clean right edge good for using the Bont measuring method. I came up with 280x108. The Bont tool called that a size 9/42. I wear a 9.5/43 and have NO fit issues. There is a little extra room forward my big toe, but I think I would rather have the room than not.

So maybe we should make folks aware that the Bont tool may provide a tight, lengthwise fit.

Perhaps others could take the measurement to see what their results are.

ALSO, worth noting is that I am near the top range of 9/42.
280 gave a size 9
281 gave a size 9
282 gave a size 9.5

So......, maybe if folks are going to use the tool, they should play with the tool some to determine if they are near the top of a size range. THEN, they might want to go a half size, or one euro size up.

Messing around some more, I discovered that size 9 runs from 277-281mm. I, at 280, was near the top or the size 9 range. 9.5 works for me. So I guess the tool has value. But if one is near the top of the size range, going up would be good. If I were 278, I would not likely be liking a size 9.5.
Here is some info on the tool. I think the moral to using the size tool well is where you are in the range. If your foot is at the top of the range, you may want a half size larger. If low on the range, get the size recommended.

When putting your foot against the wall with a piece of paper under, MAKE SURE IT IS A STRAIGHT EDGE. NO BASEBOARD. Or the measurement will be off.

!! For the sake of science, those who have a Bont Quad Racer, try the tool and see if it gives you the right size and post your results. Thx from me and from those others who cannot try a pair on in person.

Bont Size Wizard: http://www.bont.com/quad/items/sizes.html
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I'll add to this. If you use the sizing guide which shows you how to measure your feet, and you submit that measurement for Bont boots, your boot will be snug fitting, (iaw what they're talking about your foot measurement + 1-2mm). I've never had skate boots which were the exact length of my foot (with socks), and now that I have and I've rolled on them... I'd never go back to doing 1/2 size bigger boot.

There's a LOT to be said for having properly fitting boots. The precision you experience from the boot is remarkable, and the adjustment period was quick.
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bont size tool, bont size wizard, wizard

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