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Old April 15th, 2018, 03:53 AM   #1
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Default McCabe Lied Repeatedly Jailtime


Deputy Director of the FBI lied repeadedly.

Hope he at least gets as much jail time as Martha Stewart.
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Old April 15th, 2018, 04:06 PM   #2
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I read the 39 page IG report.

McCabe had a conversation with Comey the day after the Wall Streey Journal Article.
McCabe claims he told Comey that he had his Special Councel talk to the Wall Street Journal.
Comey doesn't agree, he states McCabe didn't tell him that he had his Special Council talk to the paper, so a he said-he said situation.

McCabe didn't lie to Comey, he Lied to the FBI in his first interview by the FBI in his office, he told the FBI that he had told Comey about his Special Assistant releasing information to the Wall Street Journal, his ONE lie.

Then in his second interview in his office by the FBI, which was rcorded, he said that he did authorize his Special Councel to release the information to the Wall Street Journal.

Remember, McCabe is a hard Right Wing Republican, so now the Hyena Republicans are eating each other, and trying to discredit anyone connected to the real Americans trying to get to the bottom of Russia's Election Tampering, the Republicans are attacking the FBI, comprised of Republicans in the topmost positions, Comey is being attacked by Republican Leaders because he has proof thet Trump is Obstructing a Criminal Investigation into the President of the United States.

McCabe lied....about an unrelated matter (Clintons) and Trump is attacking him to discredit him as a witness against the President of the United States in an Obstruction of Justice Charge.

Trump is attacking Comey, calling him a liar, but darn, just last Monday Trumps lawyer had a search warrant carried out on his home and office and phones, and guess what, Cohen made tapes of his conversations, and kept the tapes on his computer.

Now the FBI has Comey's tapes, and guess what else, last week Comeys notes of his conversations with Trump were verified by Dana Boente, and Mueller has those notes.

So, the Republicans are eating McCabe alive, (and he's a hard right Republican), because he can verify Comey's fact's about Comey's conversations with Trump.

Yet, Boente has also verified to the FBI, with proof, that Comey's version of Comey's conversations with Trump are factual, and now...Cohen, who has been under Criminal Investigation by the FBI, for months, has had his conversations which he recorded, taken by the FBI.

I remember when Trump claimed that Comey was lying about their conversations and he had them recorded, then Trump backed away from that claim, well, now we find Trump did record those conversations, and Mueller has them, along with years of illegal activity commited by the Trump Organization, all over the world.

Anyway, yes, McCabe lied about the conversation he had with Comey, the day after the Wall Street Journal article was published to the FBI while being recorded in his office, ONCE. The next time he talked to the FBI in his office he told the truth, McCabe who is no longer needed by Comey to prove that Trump is guilty of Obstructing Justice.

Trump who is wagging the dog in Syria, while the world laughs at him, Trump who is going to lose to Stormy, Lose to Mueller, and watch his party Lose Control of the House and Senate on November 7'th.

BTW, Sessions lied...Twice...(about Russia)...during his confirmation hearings, to the House, I think when the House and Senate change hands there may be some legal consequences arising about Sessions lying under oath
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