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Default Possible bad plate mount?

Good morning everyone!

I'm hoping that the experts here would be able to help me with what I believe could be a bad plate mount (or I could be wrong and I just need to get used to it).

I'm a roller derby referee in Maryland. I've been skating inline for 15+ years and just recently started skating on quads for the past year. I originally had a set of Pilot Falcon plates mounted onto some Antik MG2s. I recently got a new pair of boots (Vanilla Blackout Brass Knuckles) and had a fellow derby ref mount my plates for me.

My left boot feels pretty good. However my right boot when skating and pushing off (and turning) puts a lot of pressure on the inside edge of my foot and the ball of the foot. Almost as if it's solely pivoting on the ball. I've tried different socks, I'm using a thin (Spenco Comfort Thin) insole, different lacing techniques.

I guess my question is, could it be the boot not working for me? A bad mount? It does appear that the right boot is mounted slightly off/different from the left.

When I asked the colleague who mounted it, he said it should be fine and that I would just need to get used to it, or maybe the boot is too big for me.

I know that he uses the Snyder tool and then toes it in slightly. He mounted my Antiks and they were great.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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