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Speed Skating Forum Most of the discussions in this forum will be about inline speed skating but discussions about ice speed skating and quad roller speed skating are also welcome.

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Old May 11th, 2015, 03:44 AM   #1
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Question New speed skates?

Hi, my name is Camden and im looking for some new speed skates. If this is not the place for this thread, just please delete it. I have a pair of 2013 Powerslide R4s. I'm looking for a boot height as high as the R4 boot. I know Bont has a skate with a higher boot like the R4, but I would rather find a different one. I would buy the new 2015 R4s but they look ugly to me. Can someone help me find a boot or skate similar? Thanks so much for the help!
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Old May 11th, 2015, 07:01 AM   #2
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You're not going to find much in the way of "speed" boots that are that high. They really fit more into the fitness category. With a cuff that high it is very hard to bend the ankle forward enough to get into skater position. You can actually get enough side to side support with a much lower boot as long as you spend enough time training the ankles (which isn't as ominous as it sounds unless your frames are in the wrong position and making everything worse).

Why do you want a boot that high, and what are your skating aspirations? Also, why do you need a new boot? Have you outgrown the old one, is it breaking down, or do you just want something new?

EDIT: Is the R4 separate from the Powerslide Marathon line? That's one of the few other boots that I can think of cut that high and targeted to speed skaters, but it might actually be the same boot.
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Old May 11th, 2015, 12:59 PM   #3
Getting Back Into It
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The R4 is under the Speed boot catagory for Powerslide.

Bont makes the Semi Race which is lower than the R4. Other than that, most of them are the same height. Boots like the Luigino Strut are marketed stating the boot has a 5mm cuff higher than the normal height.

While I understand that the look of a boot may turn you away, you really want comfort. If the R4 worked for you before, stick with them.
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Old May 11th, 2015, 10:58 PM   #4
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The Marathon has a rotating upper cuff that gives you side-to-side support while still allowing you to lean your ankle forward some. There's a guy in our region that skates on either these or the carbon version in indoor speed, loves them, and does well on them in his elite division.

The Marathon is basically an R2 with a plastic shell above the ankle with padding and a Velcro strap. Now, like the R2 the main shell of the boot is a fiberglass infused plastic, which means it's not particularly heat moldable.

The Grand Prix is a heat moldable carbon boot with the same upper support cuff.

On the other end is the Endurance, which is basically a fitness skate with a 195mm mount.

But... I'm not sure that any of these are easily available as just the boot.

On the other hand, I generally try to not let looks become my deciding factor on boots.
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Old May 12th, 2015, 04:20 AM   #5
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There is not much with higher cuff offered up in speedskates.

As mentioned, the powerslide grand prix, marathon, or endurance - you can compare features & differences between each version here- they come in 4x100, 4x110 and 3x125 formats, and only sold as pkgs: http://powerskating.powerslide.com/

The R4 and marathon boots construction are very similar, the marathon gives you a slightly higher flex cuff, without inhibiting forward flexion. If you were/are able to track one down, Powerslide made a C8 boot ,higher cuff carbon based - but even then you'd be upgrading more/less to a to carbon version of what you are currently skating.

And, as mentioned the Bont Semi-race- Bont has a new version of this skate out for 2015.

Maple also makes a slightly higher cuff intro boot, like the R4 or Semi-race, but for the most part you are trading apples for apples between these 3 boots. Curious to hear if there is a reason(s) the R4's are not working for you? And, as someone pointed out in asking 'what are your skating goals?' - those answers can help you better find which direction to go with a new boot.

If you don't have any real technical skating issues/deficiencies prohibiting you from going to a true speed boot, then it may just be time to graduate. In which case, I would recommended the Mariani Dogma's - hands down, one of the nicest fitting and well constructed boots we've encountered in a very long time.

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Bont Semi-race:

Mariani, Dogma 80%:

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powerslide, speed skates

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