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Quad Speed Discussions about speed skating in quad roller skates.

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Old May 28th, 2012, 04:31 AM   #81
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Originally Posted by TONY KISSING View Post
Yes there are many races of the ladies. Even someof the young
racers such as my daughter - sandy delaney -jamie london -
sandy warner - terry paine - robin wilcock - jan irvin -
many others. If you don't remember the racers it hard to
figure out who racing. If i saw films from today i won't
know who was who. I'll tell you now very few people care
about roller speed skating.
As for quads i would like to see international champions
racing indoors on a 16 lap to the mile track as they had
meets after nationals in 1947 - 1956 and in new zealand in
1959 and again after nationals in 1961. Indoor worlds on
Hey Tony, do you have any early video of your races (Quad)? I've seen a couple that Kufman has on Youtube (love em)... would love to see more. You were an amazing skater, and all of us Quad Speed enthusiasts should be grateful for your contribution to the sport
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Old June 9th, 2012, 09:33 PM   #82
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Default RACING

I was sooooooo bad i even fell down slow
thats why i was a coach. It was easy just don't
do what i did!!

If i had a great start could sprint could pass and had
endurance i had a chance to no i never. I'll stick to
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Old June 27th, 2012, 08:29 AM   #83
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Default Tony: Roller Speed Skating is a Sport

Hey Tony,

I skated for Westview Skateland in Columbus, OH. I remember buying a T-Shirt from you, I believe it was during State meet in 1975, maybe at Harps? It said "Roller Speed Skating is A Sport" and had a skater going into a turn, I think you said it was Pat Bergin, but it looked like me. I told all my friends who never heard of speed skating it was me.

My first meet was at Dorso's, and man what a wake-up call! I thought I was fast, did I ever get a slap of reality. I worked hard and ended up getting my State Champion medal in 1975. Too bad they outlawed the woods, that's when I quit. Wish I would have stayed in it longer, but it just wasn't the same.
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Old June 27th, 2012, 02:52 PM   #84
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Default T-SHIRT

The t-shirt was a combination of pat bergin and
george grudza (with his arms out)
it was 75 and we sold all we had. Everyone wanted them.
I saved 2 and still have them!!!
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Old June 27th, 2012, 03:00 PM   #85
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I may still have my shirt. Tattered and torn and many sizes too small but I've never had the courage to toss it. Hope the wife didn't find it!
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Old September 3rd, 2012, 08:47 AM   #86
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Been away for a while dealing with some Health related issues.

Going through some of the threads here.

Way back in the late 60's and through the mid 70's
I represented the North East Region as their Pro
Speed Rep and as such had access to both the closed
and Open door meetings at Nationals.

Each Region was encouraged to bring up any proposed rule change
they felt could help improve the sport.
I took this responsibility very seriously as did many others.

It was obvious during that time frame that Metrics were on the move,
both in Industry, on the Highway, in Auto production, and yes in Sport.

Roller Skating was as we were told "On the verge of Olympic recoinition".
This encouragement came from the highest levels in our sport. We know now we were being led down a rosey path that would never transpire. History would show this to be the case.

I digress, It made sense at the time and I suggested at a meeting
at Nationals thay we may want to take a good look at Ice Speed as
they had already switched some time back to Metric distances.

We weighed in on the benefits, both in the US and Internatonally, and when it was put to a vote, it was nearly unanimous, thus the distances and our track size changed to Metric the following season. Hard for me to accept that by skating Metric vs Miles it hurt the sport in any
way. US Ice, Track, Bike Racing and Swimming had gone that route and displayed no negative feedback..Times were changing.

I also suggested that we may want to consider taking a look at our uniforms, perhaps loose the long tights and look at skating in Shorts and a Bike Racing type Jersey. The reaction was very possitive, so I crafted a uniform rule change and it also became effective the following year.

The last rule change we suggested was a no brainer for us
as we were very active in furnishing state of the art racing equipment back then. We had brought to the market in 1970 both Precision Racing Wheels andFlip Axles which would allow the fast change out of a broken precion wheel in a relay event without the need for any wrenches. We suggested a "Pit Crew area" be set up at the end of the rink, where during the progress of a relay, a skater could come off the track, take a seat, in the designated pit area, pull off a bad wheel, hand it to his coach or team rep so designated, get a replacement wheel, snap it on, and be back into the race, yes folks just like Nascar! It too carried so we were 3 for 3 in rule changes at that years Nationals.

I would like to think back that we helped the sport come into the modern era
one step at a time, the sport was building in those days....

Just a look back into a window of history from my perspective.

Co Coach 1974 USA Speed Team
London, England

Originally Posted by TONY KISSING View Post
There is a group of old time milers (track and field)
who are working very hard to bring back the mile race!!!
People in the usa don't relate to meters. Quad roller speed
skating should go back to yards and miles. Inlines can keep
their meters. Quads would make a great come back if they
went to yards and miles and wooden wheels with a coating
(no powder)

go to www.bringbackthemile.com

read the articles and you'll agree with the old milers.
No one can tell you who won the 1500meters in 1952
but everyone remembers who broke the 4 minute mile.
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Old September 5th, 2012, 02:53 PM   #87
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Default Building the sport

All those changes you mentioned you say was biulding the
sport. What sport is that???
We've went through 3 different skates and sooooooo
many wheels only god knows .
The first practice i held at castle skateland in loveland, ohio
there was 75 speed skaters there and all had raced at invitationals or state meets. Beginners came lateer on.
I could buy the skates for racers today pay their way to
meets and i still couldn't get 5 kids to race.
My sport died when they did away with the wooden wheel
(powder had to go).
When that great ne region you was in charge of had only
a total of 25 racers the sport is dead.
I went to a great lakes regional meet a few years ago.
Very,very few racers. The doors were open no one had to pay to get in and that really never mattered no one was there.
A handful of men changed everything and killed what was a
great sport.
As for the olympics i have skate magazines from thr 40's
and the olympics was promised then.
A sports editor of a large newspaper told me once
"i'll cover your mickey mouse sport
when you have your thanksgiving speed meet and any national
champions you have and thats all"!!!
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Old September 15th, 2012, 07:00 AM   #88
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The sport is the same one you and I enjoyed....and when the distance was changed from the mile to metric....as so many here on this thread have responded, the world was, or had gone metric....you seem to have a problem with that.....believe me I won't loose any sleep over it....did not then nor now LOL......if there was then or now solid support to change it back, then how come that never happened???????

The move from Mile to Metric did not kill the sport, people, a select few
killed the sport.....just follow their money trail.......

When we closed our skate company after 6 years, we left a sport that had better equipment, bigger clubs, better competition, better records then any time frame I can point too since the late 50's.....

The period since then however, would see the demise of the sport.....

Back when I first decided to officiate, then coach, help launch 2 of the largest speed leagues in the country, and form C&L to import, design and manufacture a wide range of hi grade competitive racing equipment,and produce 5 of the largest Outdoor championships in the Nation...we still found the time to assist in launching the Speed Coaches Assn and work on formulating rule changes that we felt could better the sport. Every Region and Every Coach had an opportunity to contribute and discuss and vote on any change...I don't remember you or Ohio for that matter being very active
in the move to change anything back then....

Very easy to sit back and take potshots at those that put their time and resources on the line to help the sport....our wholesale product prices were
a small markup over cost....while still in the wood wheel era.....

Once Plastics took over they raked the skaters with huge markups and the skate equipment industry nation wide followed suit....that as they say was the start of the end of a great sport as I know it ....on that score I think we can agree.


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