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Outdoor Quads Discussions about outdoor quad skates and any discussion relatd to skating on quad roller skatse outdoors.

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Old July 25th, 2015, 09:02 PM   #1
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Default Quad Speed: Chicago 1/2 Marathon skate setup

Here is a PIC of my tweaked to the max Skate setup for the July 26th race.

These skates were initially too wide in the forefoot, but by putting a 2nd PUMA 12 gram insole under the factory Pele Soccer shoe one, the fit has became perfect. Now even with the heavy 76mm, 84A Zombie Hawg wheels (narrowed to ~35mm), the weight per skate is ~1050 grams.
Not too shabby for a BIG wheeled outdoor racing skate.

This will be my 5th time racing in the 2015 Chicago Skater 1/2 Marathon.
They call it the Chicago Inlne Marathon, yet they invite Quad skaters to participate, which to me seems like a DISS and a SNUB to quad skaters like me. I have been the 1st quad skater to finish the 1/2 marathon all four prior
times, but that isnt saying much considering how few quad skaters are in the races.

Recently, I asked them to change the name to Chicago Skater Marathon, and to even consider inviting SKATEBOARDERS to participate, not that very many would.

I also bugged them AGAIN this year to program the timing system to register quad skaters as a separate group. I am not expecting any separate awards, just a separated block of times on the results list.

But of course they never bothered to put anything on the registration form by which skaters could identify themselves as either Quad -OR- Inline.
Once again, another DISS and SNUB.

Then I pointed out to the organizers that this simple detail might be seen by quad skaters as a more welcoming way to handle them, perhaps even doubling the number of quad skaters in the races.

So, they did reply to my email, but treated it more like it was useful info for an ongoing research project than an immediate request for a "get 'er done" NOW promise. I suggested that even advised that lacking the registration info, as to whether skaters will roll on quads, they could at least announce at the event for quad skaters to come up and have their numbers recorded, and then later manually generate a quads only list of times/results.
No reply to that suggestion ever came, and I am not expecting it to happen at this point.

At least the weather report is looking good at the moment ( wind <5MPH & rain <5% chance), so that is encouraging. With my newly functional, ultralight, killer wheeled skates, I hope to come close to matching my personal best time for this steadily deteriorating asphalt course, despite my being mostly grounded from training over the last near 5 weeks, from a severe hematoma in my left glute near hip bone, after falling from an encounter with mini sand bars crossing the under-maintained Chicago lakefront path, a day after one of several severe June rainstorms.

I had wanted to get my wheel size up to the 80mm diameter and duro down to the 80A spec levels by obtaining the Orangatang Kegel wheels that other threads have raved about for use on rough asphalt, but I could not get my act together in time. At least at 76mm with the Z-Hawgs, I'll be better off than I was with the 70mm Velocity race wheels of recent years, and skates skates will still be at an EVEN LIGHTER total weight despite the larger wheels.

Rollin' on AIR

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Old July 26th, 2015, 08:12 AM   #2
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Good luck for the Race!!!
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Old July 28th, 2015, 06:39 AM   #3
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Hi Armadillo,

I'm afraid I saw this post a bit late... anyway, I hope you had a good race and enjoy with this setup.

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Old July 28th, 2015, 11:24 AM   #4
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Default Do they have any just-for-fun skaters at this event?

Just wondering
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Old July 28th, 2015, 04:18 PM   #5
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Default Just-for-fun-skaters: YES ... Hematoma: not so fun!

Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Do they have any just-for-fun skaters at this event?
Just wondering
Yes, there is a combination Recreational/Advanced division which includes many less "speed focused" skaters, and many of those participants are just seeking the fun of skating, and not so much concerned with fastest times.

I, however, am always racing the clock to see if I can break my personal best for any race course. I train from April through July knowing this race will be the highlight of my outdoor skating season.

Despite record rainfall this June, my training season was going fairly well this year with, with my typical session distances upped from the 13-15 miles of past years to 16-20+ miles.

Then, unfortunately for me on one late June day, I found out that the prior day's storm had washed a lot of sand onto the lakefront path at a couple places, to the point of leaving mini sand bars across this one place where it goes down hill steeply into a tunnel below an overhead car bridge leading to a parking lot.

It was a day with a ~20MPH north wind coming steadily off the lake, and on the grueling northbound headwind trip I was able to spot the sand, slow down, and step my way through the deepest spots. Four miles later I turned back south, relishing the serious 20MPH tailwind I'd have for the 8+ mile return trip.

I got so wrapped up in the fun of high speed skating back south with a 20MPH tailwind, that by the time I remembered the sand in the tunnel, I suddenly realized the combo of the huge tailwind and steep downhill slope meant I was going to end up hitting the sand at speed, well before I could stop.

As I prepped for a gentle crash landing, planning where to hit and roll into the deeper sand, I dropped low and started getting as much weight to the rear and close to the asphalt as I could, but I neglected to factor in the downhill slope, ending up leaning too far back to point where my skates shot forward and out from under me. As i twisted toward a roll, my left hip landed first (on asphalt, not sand), pinching my glute hard against the pavement. Normally. landing hard on your butt is a good plan B, if you can't make it into a smooth roll, but not always.

When I got back up nothing really hurt very much, despite hitting the asphalt with what seemed like enough force to have possibly cracked my hip, so I just took it easy and skated the remaining 5 miles back to my van, glad to have received what appeared to be only minimal damage.

The next morning my glute was very swollen and bulged out at the point of impact. It was not that sore to the touch though, and the bone did not hurt much, so I assumed I just needed a few days off. There was a small diameter bruise that I expected to grow, but it was only slightly purple at that point.

Two days later the weather was so perfect, I decided I was well enough to resume skating and did a 20 mile session concentrating on form rather than speed. I felt OK, but by the end I noticed that my hip flex range was becoming more limited

A few hours later, as my glute swelled even further to its biggest level yet, I realized I had probably overdone it. The next morning, I observed that the swelling remained, and a now expanding zone of yellow & purple had begun to spread across my groin area and down my leg.

A brief session with Google confirmed that my fall had causes a hematoma - a soft tissue trauma event severe enough to cause extensive internal bleeding that results in the formation of substantial internal pool of blood at traumatized tissue zone.

My prognosis was that all skating would have to be curtailed for at least several weeks, and even then resumed only gradually at a lowered intensity level. Over the next few days, as my body struggled to remove this blood pool by spreading it out to the surrounding areas, I was still surprised how little pain there was at the point of impact. Then I noticed that my skin was numb on the surface for a 2-3 inch diameter around that spot. I later learned that the nerves near a hematoma will often stop sending signals because of impact damage, and/or from the swelling cutting off blood flow to them, which was likely why I initially and later felt so little pain there.

As days progressed and the bruise continued expanding across my entire front and rear pelvic area, as well as down my entire thigh, the pain felt in these bruising areas kept steadily rising. My ability to lift my leg steadily decreased to the point where it was hard to even get me left foot into my pants or tie my shoes.

The first week of expected recovery was more about how much worse would it get, rather than how fast was I going to heal. Pain level was steadily rising throughout the still expanding and darkening bruise zone, and hip flex range kept dropping. Curiously though, a lateral outward leg swing at the hip caused hardly any pain. Only forward hip bending hurt, so I thought this might allow for my skating to resume sooner.

After about a whole week things finally flipped from worsening to improving, but the rate of improvement very slow, seeming like at, most, less than 5% per day, which had me wondering if I could even be enough recovered to skate in this year's Chicago Inline (half) Marathon event.

If anyone has made it this far, I'll finsih this saga in my next post ...

Rollin' on AIR
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