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Humor Forum Share a humorous article, your favorite joke or a funny story.

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Old June 7th, 2013, 06:28 PM   #1
Deechie Dan
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Default Kids do the funniest things....

During down time between calls, my partners and I share funny stories about our kids. The stories get funnier and funnier to the point everyone would ask what the kids were doing.

So, I thought it would be fun to share a story in hopes to keep it going.

This one involves my oldest son, now grown.

When I began working in the field, the kids attended school near their grandparents home. They were able to walk just a few houses (3) after school, get fed and do their homework before I would get off work and pick them up.

This day, my nephew was there, 4 years older than my son who was 8 at the time. While grandma was down stairs looking a tv, they decided to ramble in the uncles room up stairs. In a small bag on the dresser held his barber shears and clippers, you know where I'm going. Anyway, how my nephew convinced my son to let him attempt a hair cut is still a mistery, but he did.

Fast forward to 8:00 pm. I'm off work, picked up the boys and getting them ready for bed. I ran the bath water and instructed the 8 year old to get in. He's sitting in the bathtub with a sweat band on his head. Now, he's not wearing it on his forehead to catch sweat, it's on too far back and cocked to the side like a hat. I tell him to take the band off so he can wash his hair and proceed to remove it. He snatches away and say..."Noooo, don't take it off, I want to keep it on Mommy". I thought this is strange and immediately said, "Boy take that thing off your head in the tub!" I reached at the back of his head and pulled the band up and forward. I see this dark "something" fall at the same time he put his head down in the bubbles. I said "sit up" and SWEET BABY JESUS, the boy had a 2 by 2 square missing from the front of his head, clean, smooth, no stubble to be seen! I said, "what the heck? Did you do that?" He said, my nephew cut his hair with the clippers, panic set in and he picked the patch of hair up, stuck it back in place and used the headband to hold it there. The poor child was holding that patch of hair there for 6 hrs. undetected. Did I say school pictures were the next week?
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Old June 8th, 2013, 07:52 PM   #2
Fifty, and loving it!
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Location: Victoria British Columbia
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My daughter was almost two. I had just sat her on the floor to watch some t.v. while she ate her chocolate cake. She said to me, can I please have some milk with my cake. I said sure and went to get some milk. I returned to the living room just in time to see my daughter wiping her hands on her t-shirt. I instantly stated, Emilie don't wipe your hands on your shirt. She calmly turned and looked at me with her big blue eyes and said, It's okay Daddy, you can just wash it! Life is so simple from a child's point of view.
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Old June 8th, 2013, 08:44 PM   #3
I bet Godsk8s too!
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I have one of those styrofoam targets wrapped in plastic with bulleyes all over it for archery practice. About 3 or 4 years ago if I had to guess, that would put my son about 8 or 9 years old then, the target was just sitting out in the front yard and we were getting ready to go somewhere and I guess he got bored waiting on me to get ready. As I was headed towards the door I saw him sitting on the target. It has a little molded handle on the top and he was sitting on it rocking it back and forth like he was in a rodeo with it lol. And it bucked him a few times too lol. Of course I managed to catch this on video lol.
Genesis 12:2-3
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