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Quad Vert All kinds of aggressive skating on quad roller skates including quad vertical roller skating, quad bowl skating, quad skatepark tricks, and street skating tricks in quad skates.

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Old October 23rd, 2012, 07:19 AM   #1
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Default interested!!!!

Hi I am a 46yr old woman that has done many crazy ass sports over t he years and recently have joined the sedate world of roller derby.
I thought that I could supplement derby with some vert skating, so went to local park. Well I geared up and all these young kids smiling big ass smiles but encouraging me that I could do it. Unfortunately my brain wasnt working.

I found myself at the BIG end of the park and didnt even think of skating around to the small side of the park. Afterall what's a pithy 12' drop of a ramp, ha I can eat that for breakfast. Well I proceeded down with great confidence the 1st run an upon hitting the flat at bottom found myself flat on my back halfway to other side of ramp(aprox6'). Now my arm swung back and smashed pretty hard into the concrete, it hurt like mad. I pulled and twisted it and thought nope not broken just sprained.

So I crawl back up and attempt a 2nd time with confidence yet again but with a little hesitation but lots of encouragement from the peanut gallery. WHAM!!!! it happens again, almost identical spot and with similar force and similar fall, arm swinging back. Now I am MAD! I quickly pick myself up and crawl back up. As I am getting ready I pummel the peanut gallery for as much help as possible and attempt again.

Yup, this time I get past that dreadful spot in bottom of bowl(ramps) and am just about ready to ascend the facing rampp when WHAM, it gets me same as before. my whole body hurts. So, red face I finally crawl over to the small side which one of the kids pointed out to me and continue just doing some small jump stuff and learning to go down a small 4'ramp. Needless to say, a week later I go to doctors and we discover the thumb is broken. Badly! Needed surgery and 3pins and 2.5months to heal.

Now, I still want to learn vert for something rad to do, but am very leary of reinjurying my thumb or even the other one which has been in a sprained state for 2months now. unfortunately I have noone cool enough to join me at park and I hate doing things all alone now. Are there some little tricks to learn vert? Is there some books or pamphlets on it?
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