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Aggressive Skating Forum Discussions about any topic related to vert skating, skatepark tricks, aggressive street skating, action sports events, and the aggressive skating lifestyle.

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Default Look Here If You Have A Question!

What site has a list of songs that I hear in skate videos?

What is a good site for news in rollerblading?


What skates should I get?
This question will be answered many different ways, because it is an opinion. When looking to buy skates you will want to consider things like flex, support, stock frame/wheel value, soul size, durability, and looks. I'll break down each one.

Flex: Flex is how good your skate allows your ankle to bend. This is important for grinds like royales and farvs. Too little flex will require you to put more bend in your knees, something some people don't like to do. Too much flex can lead to lack of support.
Xsjado's and Remz are known to have alot of flex.

Support: Support is how good your skate holds your ankle securly. This is important so you aren't wobbling around, or even twisting your ankle if you have very little support. Too little support will make you feel somewhat unstable, like your skates are too big. Too much support will result in having trouble bending your ankles for certain tricks. Most skates offer pretty good support, unless possibly you skate them unbuckled or have them in a size too big for you. It's mainly a matter of how much flex can your skates have while still supporting you. Support is very important when it comes to skating large gaps.

Stock Frames/Wheels: This has to do with your stock frames and wheels that may come with a skate. Razors, Remz, and Valos often come with "stock" frames. These frames are very basic, they have a decent sized groove and slide well. The are pretty durable, also. They may brake more frequently, and have trouble sliding on ledges, though.

Stock Wheels are made from old/extra/left over urethane from larger wheel companies. They are generally not as durable as expensive, brand name wheels. They can be had for about 30% percent cheaper though.

Soul size: How big the sole of your skate is. This comes in handy with grinds that require you to do souls, the bigger, the easier to lock on and feel more stable when you do lock on. Big souls can make you feel weird skating since your skates are wider.

Nowadays, all soul plates are generally the same size, give or take. Xsjados have significantly larger negative plates, though.

Durability: This can be a hard thing to find out. Just look at parks and message boards, and if you see four posts saying that the same model of skates had their buckle break, you may want to hesitate from buying that particular skate. Also, if you are into cess sliding, you may want a hardboot skate, or a skate with a replacable skin. Remz and Deshi's are rumored to get floppy quickly, although there are plenty of people who swear differently. I'm one of them

What is a good site that explains tricks?

What are some basic skating terms/slang?
Alleyoop or AO: A 180 easy spin, or visible spin, into a grind. For a trick to be alleyoop, it must be done backwards. Ex: Royale to alleyoop topsoul
Truespin: Spinning the opposite way of alleyoop. This is a 180 hard spin, or blind spin, into a grind. For a trick to be truespin, it must be done backwards. Ex: True Makio
Zerospin: A trick which you roll up to backwards, do the trick backwards, and land backwards. You can also do a zerospin over a gap or stairset. Ex: Zero Kindgrind.
Fakie- Skating backwards.
Negative: Grinding on the inside of your soul plate. Ex: Negative acid.
Topside: Grinding on your frame, with your skate perpendicular to the obstacle. Ex: Topsoul.

Why do some skates only have 2 wheels, some have 2 big and two small, and some have 4?
This is all a matter of preference for skates.
Flat- Riding with four urethane wheels on each skate.
Advantages- You will skate/roll much faster, large gaps will feel a little easier and will put less stress on your frame, and you will experience less wheel wear.
Disadvantages- Less room for error when grinding. This may not affect some people, although some people are discouraged by it. It may also be a little more tricky to grind ledges.

Anti Rocker- Two urethane wheels on the outside, and two small, hard plastic or UHMW wheels on the inside.
Advantages- A groove similar to skating flat rocker, but more forgiving when grinding. This also helps you go over curbs/drop in because of the shape of the groove, and because the anti rocker wheels will spin slightly when going over a curb or bump. The anti rocker wheels also help give the frame a little bit more support when landing a gap.
Disadvantages- Your wheels will wear down faster.

Freestyle- 2Two urethane wheels on the outside.
Advantages- Very large grinding area, often with a wide groove.
Disadvantages- May trip on curbs. Also, the wider groove has a tendency to slide out on ledges.
Here's a link better explaining the differences between frame setups with pictures.

When buying wheels, what does the two numbers such as 55/88 mean?
The first number is the size of the wheel. 54-56 are the most common wheel sizes. The second number is the hardness of the wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel, the lower the number, the softer the wheel. The softer it is, the quicker it will wear and the more grip you will have on the ground, the harder it is, the less it will wear, but the more likely you will slide around. Try out different wheels for yourself until you get a feel for what you like. The harder the wheel is the better it will hold up, but it won't grip as well in slick parks. Softer wheels will handle much better for indoor parks.

What are some different feels for different skates?
I haven't skated all, but i'll update this as I go along.

RemzUnfortunately, I haven't skated these. Anyone wanna write a small review?

TRS- TRS has really stepped up there game. DT4's have an amazing royale groove, very fast soul plates, and plenty of support. Also, TRS Point 8's take 72mm wheels for plenty of speed. Check into this company, they're looking to become a big rollerblading company again, and they're certainly innovative enough to do it.

Razor- Razors is a very popular skate brand. They have three molds on the market, Cults, Gens, and SL's. SL's, which stands for SuperLite, are the newest to hit the shelves, and are still a little iffy. One model has been release, and skater's have been complaining of cracked baseplates. The baseplates on these skates are very thin, which cuts down alot of weight and helps give you alot of control over your skating. While there seems to be durabilty problems now, Razors is a great company, and have been going out of there way to replace the broken parts, as well as research to fix this problem. Cults were the first skate Razors put out. They are pretty stiff with tones of support. Pro's like Brian Shima swear by them. The most popular is the Genesis mold. It's nearly perfect. A great groove, fast soul plates, and the perfect mixture of flex and support.

Deshi- Deshi is the only company in the industry with a "soft-top skate". Which means that the "skin" is not really a skin, its glued and sewed on to a sort of bone infrastcuture of the skate. On the Kelso Models, there is a removalbe cuff which can add suppport or flex, while on other models, its just a classic construction. The new kicks 3 have a new total boot construction, which you can see pics of on the conference's website. Deshi has a new skate out called the CH1, CH standing for Carbon Hybrid. Instead of plastic, they use a fusion of their soft boot with carbon reinforcing to create a very light skate. But beware, these skates flex alot!www.theconference.org

Xsjado- The newest company to the rollerblading scene, with also one of the freshest ideas. Its more of a "mold" to your foot, seeing as you put your shoe in, then buckle three straps to hold it in there. The cuff is made of bamboo, and is very flexy, while offers a good amount of support. If you buckle the top strap all the way, you may find it difficult to get a great amount of flex, so i tend to leave it a tad loose. The depending on what foot wrap you get, it can be any number of things. The Farmer footwrap has a sidelacing system to work better with the instep-strap, but can cause sharp pains on the side of your foot with the laces, because of the off center lacing system. The basic footwrap is pretty basic. The sole of it is cardboard, and pretty uncomfortable. Limited padding in the toe area. The stockwell is probably the best of all the footwraps. It combines the best of both footwraps into one. The soul plates are the biggest in the industry, and have a nice groove if you like to get really low on your royales and nugens. The frames are freestyle and have no groove out of the box. But once you give them your own groove, they're one of the best frames out there.

A good quality company in rollerblading. Their most popular skates are UFS Thrones and Classic Thrones, the difference between the two being the soul plates and the stiffness. The skates have a very basic design and fit slim, tight to your foot. These skates are classics, preferred by thousands of skaters. Thrones are up there with Razor Gens as one of the best boot molds out there.

Roces- Roces skates are sooo oldschool! Nowadays the only roces skates in production are M12's but you can still find khuti's and graal's for sale in some shops and on ebay and stuff. M12's are really really small, streamlined skates. They're very light, with small soul plates and a pretty slim but decent liner.

Valo- Basically, Valos are Roces M12's with a skin.

Nimh Nimh's are cults with a skin, and a very fast, very durable new soulplate that allows you to create your own royale groove. The skin also makes them very, very quiet.

Thanks to Imightbearedneck of RW for everything but the skate reviews, that was me. STICKY

Links To Various Rollerblading Websites

Roller News
Global Rolling
Roller Warehouse Blog
Austrian Inline
BE Mag
Russian Skaters
Daily Bread
Rolling Edits
Rat-Tail Blog
Rolling Revival



Ground Control

Alchemy Wheels
Second Regime url needed
Wheel Love
You are here
[M1 Urethane

Vibralux Denim
Black Fabric url needed
Franco Shade

Any links I forgot, post em cause I know I didn't put some up. I just didn't feel like looking for the urls. Post the url of the site you want up and I'll put it up

Here is a link to p-rail and p-box plans.

hopefully this will help weed out the massive amount of help posts in this forum now. all this info was researched by Grey Vain,Imightbearedneck, and Lee McDonald on RW.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisob13PICTURES! hollaaaa

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how the f*ck have ya done that? i couldn't even write half of that!!xD

in the "What are some different feels for different skates?" topic, there's still the Valo...

I have them but I can't say much about them cause they're my first "pro" skates... but here it goes:

light skates with wide soulframes, removable skin and the liners are comfortable. they have a really cool look (just like sneakers)

cant remember any thing else... so i'm gonna go skate... :P
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lol iseen that on RW, stickey it here 2
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yeahh top because this NEEDS to be stickied! and lee i don't think the post with all the links to the websites was stickied in RW. whateverr.
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Originally Posted by DJGeeCee View Post
This shouldnt be a sticky, this should be a REQUIRED READING for anyone posting on this forum.

But in the meantime... STICKY!
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Maybe If We Had A Friggin Mod We Could Sticky Things.
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Amazing!!! Nice Work...

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Great post! I added to the sticky list. I'm in Honolulu right now but I'm trying to stay on top of things in the forum while I'm away from home. Right now I'm at the Fishbowl Internet Cafe on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki. Aloha for now...

- Kathie
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Exclamation grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Originally Posted by Deca View Post
Maybe If We Had A Friggin Mod We Could Sticky Things.
We have a mod - and she is a gem !!!

(dont touch her, or you touch me... )

and oh yeah - woozling of a post.
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Hawaii FTW!
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I just updated this. Hopefully it's a little more idiot proof, so I'm toping it, hah.
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