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*** The SkateLog Forum Has Been Replaced by SkateDebate Dot Com ***

This announcement is to let everyone know that after hosting the SkateLog Forum and its predecessors for nearly 20 years, I have decided it is time to permanently turn the forum over to a new owner and administrator. I cannot think of anyone more suitable to take on that role than my SkateLog forum co-host, Florida skater Jessica Wright. I am pleased to announce that Jessica has agreed to establish and host a brand new skating forum, configured like the SkateLog Forum, but with a new name and a new Web Site. This new forum is 100% owned and operated by Jessica.

NEW FORUM NAME: SkateDebate Forum
NEW WEB SITE: SkateDebate.com
REGISTER IN JESSICA'S FORUM: Create a SkateDebate Forum User Name

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About This Forum Forum announcements plus how to do things like editing your user profile and dealing with images.

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Exclamation Official Forum Guidelines

Forum Guidelines
  • No quoting copyrighted material. Brief fair use excerpts are acceptable, but only if you are linking to the entire source. Excerpts should be no longer then two to four sentences. We respect the copyrights of other writers.

  • No hot-linking to images on third party Web sites to display them in this forum. You may hot-link to images on your own Web sites, and you may include a regular link to images on other people's Web sites. We respect the copyrights of other photographers and graphic designers.

  • No quoting from private email without permission. Posting excerpts from a private message in a public place can cause legal problems. If you have permission to share the content of a private message, please mention that in your post.

  • Each message may only be posted in one of our forums.

  • Please note that using all capital letters in a message or title is considered shouting in an online forum.

  • Please do not bump your messages (try to move them to the top of the pile) by posting a reply that says "bump" or a reply that has no real content.

  • Racial slurs will not be tolerated and neither will sexually oriented slurs or other cruel name calling. But visitors to our forum should not expect all of the replies to their posts to be agreeable and complimentary. Our forum visitors enjoy a good debate and they are encouraged to say what they think.

  • No Creating Multiple Identities to Deceive Our Forum Visitors. We have had several instances in the past where forum users have created multiple identities and used their fake identities to have public or PM conversions with other users. This practice has been embarrassing and hurtful to our forum visitors in the past so we are especially sensitive about it. An important warning to everyone: People you meet on the Internet are not always what they seem, and who they claim to be. They might even be a man impersonating a woman, a woman impersonating a man, or an adult impersonating a child or a teenager.

  • Advertising is not permitted in our forums, and that includes obvious advertising and advertisements disguised as something else, such as "advertorials". We do encourage skate manufacturers to visit any of our forums and tell us about their newest products, but those messages must be factual and informational in content and style, and not include any advertising-style language in the message body or the subject line. An example of an advertising-style title: "Just Released!!! World's Best Skating Frame!!!". Same title in an editorial style: "Acme Releases Seven Wheel Frame". The only exception to our no-advertising policy is the forum labeled "Advertise Your Skating Products Here". Vendors are welcome to post full-blown advertisements in that forum. If a post in one of our other forums "feels" like an advertisement, it will be moved to our advertising forum. Please try to understand, and don't take it personally if your post gets moved. It is a constant battle to keep advertising out of our main forums. (And we should note that our forum visitors are *very* sensitive about being spammed)
Messages will be edited or deleted to comply with these guidelines.

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